New Sunscreen with Composite ACT-50 & ACZ-50 (Formulation #KSL-284) 

This W/O Sunscreen features Kobo’s Composite ACZ-50 containing entrapped ZnO inside a micron size acrylates copolymer matrix. It provides UVA protection and even coverage with a creamy application that easily rubs into the skin. Contains Composite ACT-50, a powder containing dispersed attenuation grade TiO2 entrapped within a micron size polymer matrix. In the composite the optical properties of the titanium dioxide are maintained plus an improved skin feel during application is obtainable. Kobo's Titanium Dioxide Dispersion, HBP45TEL, aids in achieving a broad spectrum formula. SunBoost ATB™, which contains a proprietary ratio of anti-oxidants, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents, helps boost SPF and PFA. CXG-1101 imparts a creamy, gel texture to the product. CPF-3300@20cSt is a Phenyl Trimethicone that provides shine, increases spreadability, and helps to improve the feel of the formula. SF1528 is an excellent W/O emulsifier.



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