Powder Foundation with Flo-Beads SE-3107A (Softbeads A) (Formulation #KPP-022B) 

This pressed powder formulation contains Kobo's Magnesium Myristate-treated pigments and fillers. These treated products provide a great feel and even application, while improving the adherence of the pressed powder to the skin, resulting in long-wear. Zinc Myristate is used as a binder, and Flo-Beads SE-3107A (Softbeads A) are "super-soft" creating a uniquely soft, and creamy powder. Caresil Pure Fluids, high clarity-purity silicone, CSF-3100@ 350cSt delivers an emollient, silky feel with reduced tackiness that brings about high spreadability and compatibility.



Since 1987 Kobo has been providing innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry. The product range includes Surface Treatments, Microspheres, Suncare and Color Dispersions, Silicone Fluids, Specialties, Natural Ingredients, Effect Pigments (KTZ® Pearls, KOBOPEARL®) and Delivery Systems.


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