Dry Touch Sunscreen (Formulation #KSL-285A) 

This Dry Touch Sunscreen features Kobo TNP50T7-ATB, an optimized mixture of a TiO2 sunscreen dispersion with Kobo's SunBoost ATB™, a proprietary blend of antioxidants, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents. CPF-3300@20cSt is a phenyl trimethicone that provides shine, increases spreadability, and helps improve the feel of the formula. SF1528 is an excellent W/O emulsifier. CXG-1101 imparts a creamy, gel texture to the product. Kobo's Zinc Oxide Dispersion, TNP65MZS helps achieve SPF. CARESS® BN09, Boron Nitride gives superior softness and tactility, superb spreadability, excellent adherence, long lasting effect and good coverage. Florite R (Calcium Silicate 20 -30 µm), is a high oil-absorbing powder. Cellulobeads D-5 improve the feel of the formula due to their spherical shape. Kobo’s Composite ACZ-50 contains entrapped ZnO inside a micron size acrylates copolymer matrix. It provides UVA protection with even coverage. Kobo's Composite ACT-50 is a powder containing dispersed attenuation grade TiO2 entrapped within a micron size polymer matrix. In the composite the optical properties of the titanium dioxide are maintained plus an improved skin feel during application is obtainable. Kobo Microspheres, BPD-500W and SP-10, create a natural blurring effect that minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles and illuminates the skin.



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