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The Radical Skin Factor (RSF) Distinguishes Between Cosmetic Formulations Acting as Radical Protector or Booster 

The free radical status of the skin can be detected by spin probe assisted ESR spectroscopy which enables the quantification of radical processes in the skin. These measurements are the basis for the evaluation of cosmetical and pharmacological skin care products, as antioxidant creams as well as surface active agents with a radical boosting effect like detergents/surfactants or selftanners up to further external and internal applied substances influencing the radical process in skin.



GEMATRIA TEST LAB是应用电子自旋共振仪(ESR)研究个人护理和化妆品领域自由基的专家。这种方法无需额外手段就能够直接测量自由基。测试范围包括活性添加剂、膏霜、乳液、油脂、凝胶、传输系统、粉扑等。同时也提供体内和体外测试。


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