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A Novel Water Dispersible Nanoparticles (Sun-Zersetm) Of Encapsulated Microfine Zinc Oxide By Octyl Triazone And Omc 

In recent years, formulators are challenged to develop sunscreen products to meet the requirements of growing consumer demand for broad spectrum protection and high SPF value. Formulators must address the following requirements technically in order to obtain the expected benefits of the sunscreen formula for the competitive market.



Sino Lion is a global supplier of specialty chemicals for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Their product list includes skin lighteners and enhancers, anti-microbial agents, anti-aging agents, cooling and warming agents, sunscreens, emulsifying agents, surfactants, skin and hair conditioners, emollients, natural products and polymers. Applications include a variety of body, face, hair and skin care products.

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