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Spa Treatments in Skin Whitening, Cooling and Body Sliming 

Spa treatment products are in high demand, but there is not a lot of research in this area. In this paper, skin whitening products, cooling products and weight loss/body slimming products used in SPA treatments will be reviewed. Active ingredients for skin whitening, cooling and weight loss/slimming will be discussed. Formulation tips, application procedures and the usage of SPA treatments for skin whitening, cooling, weight loss/body slimming will be presented.



Sino Lion is a global supplier of specialty chemicals for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Their product list includes skin lighteners and enhancers, anti-microbial agents, anti-aging agents, cooling and warming agents, sunscreens, emulsifying agents, surfactants, skin and hair conditioners, emollients, natural products and polymers. Applications include a variety of body, face, hair and skin care products.

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