Creamy Body Wash 


Solvay Novecare

Miracare® SLB-365 is a ready made blend of surfactants, scientifically formulated to develop Structured Surfactants Liquid Formulations upon addition of electrolyte (NaCl or NH4Cl) and adjustment of pH. Cationic polymer Jaguar® C17 is added to impart some skin conditioning and to promote delivery of the benefit agent upon application, cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning.




Solvay Novecare supplies surfactants, hair care ingredients, rheology and preservatives for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Solvay offers alkyl and alkyl ether sulfates, sulfonates, sulfosuccinates, betaines, sultaines, amphoterics, alkanolamides, amine oxides, mild nonionics, stearates, pearlizers, opacifers, performance concentrates, amido amides, cationic surfactants, conditioner concentrates, proteins and polymers.