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Moisturizing Bar Soap (Formulation #726) 


Solvay Novecare

This combination of syndet and soap bar provides luxurious, creamy foam which will deep clean your skin. Traditional soap bars leave the skin feeling dry and tight. The high level of humectants and unique surfactants used in this formula leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft, and moisturized.



Solvay Novecare supplies surfactants, hair care ingredients, rheology and preservatives for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Solvay offers alkyl and alkyl ether sulfates, sulfonates, sulfosuccinates, betaines, sultaines, amphoterics, alkanolamides, amine oxides, mild nonionics, stearates, pearlizers, opacifers, performance concentrates, amido amides, cationic surfactants, conditioner concentrates, proteins and polymers.

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