Cool Breeze O2 Face Mask (Formulation #ST-90) 

仅仅通过使用该款增强活力的面膜即可恢复青春的柔嫩和活力。Cool Breeze O2 Face Mask使用了Biodynes™ TRF™以增加肌肤细胞中的氧消耗以达到健康的肤色。Multifruit™ BSC促进去角质能力已达到恢复肌肤活力的效果。来自于红海海藻的NAB™ Pikea Robusta Extract保护肌肤免受环境压力。SilSlip™ Powder可以改进产品美学特性和用后感。这款保湿面膜可将肤色变为半透明,晶莹透亮新鲜的肌肤。Mikrokill™ COS保护产品完整性。



Preservation is a fundamental element of many Lonza business units, and Personal Care is no exception.  For many years, we have remained proud to offer a comprehensive range of preservation and protection systems to the global Personal Care market, a wide-ranging portfolio of single active and blended preservatives that capably offers traditional, non-traditional and novel technologies, wide global acceptance and regulatory compliance, broad spectrum efficacy, robust data packages, extensive substrate compatibility, innovative and market-focused R&D, and industry-leading Regulatory and Toxicology expertise.


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