Mild Facial Cleanser Using Soy Proteins (Formulation #CL-3) 

This facial cleanser uses Foam Wheat C BV and Foam-Soy C to replace soap and synthetic detergents with foaming proteins that gently yet effectively cleanse skin without causing dryness or irritation. Honeyquat 50 PF is a quaternized conditioning agent made from pure honey that has excellent moisture binding capabilities in rinse-off products. Mikrokill™ COS protects microbial integrity.



For the Personal Care manufacturer, Lonza Consumer Care strives to “Inspire the Formulator … Excite the Consumer™” by offering cosmetic and personal care customers worldwide an extensive portfolio of innovative hair and skin care technologies. We are a leading supplier of traditional and non-traditional functional solutions, including preservation, protection and delivery systems, chassis ingredients and aesthetic modifiers.

For skin, our diverse range of skin care bioactives and extracts are designed to help mitigate against the effects of aging, enhance skin tone, and maintain skin in its healthiest state. For hair and scalp, our scalp actives and protectants along with our tress-targeted solutions keep hair looking healthy and fabulous from root to tip.

We also remain the world’s largest supplier of anti-dandruff actives with our Zinc Omadine® product portfolio. We have strong capabilities in large and small molecules, peptides, amino acids and niche bio- products and offer customized functional innovations.


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