UL Prospector

Base Formulation with Polyaldo™ 10-1-S (Pastillated) and Polyaldo™ DGDO KFG (NON GMO) 10-10-O Polyglyceryl Ester (Formulation #JS002-139A) 

这款基础配方使用了Polyaldo™ 10-1-S (Pastillated)和Polyaldo™ DGDO KFG (NON GMO) 10-10-O Polyglyceryl Ester。



Lonza’s Personal Care business has long been the world’s leading supplier of active antidandruff agents, with its Zinc Omadine® product considered the gold standard in the antidandruff shampoo market. Lonza Personal Care also supplies a wide array of other hair- and skin-care products, including biotechnology-derived active ingredients, preservatives for use in certified natural and organic products and other products, proteins, emollients and more.


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