Polyaldo® 10-1-CC Polyglyceryl Ester 

INCI 名称:

Polyglyceryl-10 Caprylate/Caprate

Polyaldo® 10-1-CC Polyglyceryl Ester is an excellent surfactant made from raw materials of 100% plant origin. This versatile surfactant forms stable cleansing surfactant formulations with improved foaming and extreme mildness. Due to the non-ionic character of Polyaldo® 10-1-CC Polyglyceryl Ester, it is compatible with a broad range of surfactants. Furthermore, it is ECOCERT organic approved ingredient which makes this product the smart choice for naturally-focused and PEG-freecleansing formulations.



Preservation is a fundamental element of many Lonza business units, and Personal Care is no exception.  For many years, we have remained proud to offer a comprehensive range of preservation and protection systems to the global Personal Care market, a wide-ranging portfolio of single active and blended preservatives that capably offers traditional, non-traditional and novel technologies, wide global acceptance and regulatory compliance, broad spectrum efficacy, robust data packages, extensive substrate compatibility, innovative and market-focused R&D, and industry-leading Regulatory and Toxicology expertise.



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