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Moisturizing Cream Body Wash with Sodium Benzoate (Formulation #CL-B0065) 



This formulation is based on a paraben-free, and formaldehyde donor-free formulation at skin neutral pH suitable for the use of sodium benzoate preservative. It contains sunflower seed oil for moisturization and hydration, leaving skin soft and smooth. The formula is cold process-able and is stabilized with Carbopol® Aqua SF-2 Polymer, which provides structuring and suspension for even oil distribution.

The polymer also provides a long, smooth flow for easy use and pourability, as well as contributing to a creamy lather. The use of Chembetaine™ CAD Surfactant and Sulfochem™ ALS&EA-3K Surfactants provides excellent detergency, viscosity response, and mildness, with rich, dense foam for a unique cleansing experience.



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