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CustoMYze - Moisturizing BB Cream (Formulation #CC-F0013[EU]) 



This tinted BB cream formulation hydrates the skin while protecting it from UV rays. It contains iron oxide pigments to cover skin imperfections and UV filters for sun protection. Carbopol®* Aqua SF-1 OS polymer acts as a stabilizer, suspending agent and pigment dispersant for TiO2 and iron oxide with a pleasant sensory. Schercemol™* CATC and Schercemol™* NGDO esters provide medium afterfeel. The blend of Glucam™* E-20 humectant and glycerin brings moisturization while XpertmoistTM* molecular film enhances the moisturization of the skin.

This formulation is an example of using the CustoMYze concept to create a customized cream. First the base cream was chosen, and then the afterfeel ingredients, concentrates, actives and fragrance were selected according to the customer’s individual needs, requirements and preferences and post-added to the base cream. In this case, a moisturizing BB cream with UV protection was desired. This formulation is a result of the selections.



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