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Bouncy Illuminating Face Moisturizers (Formulation #F-0119B[EU]) 



HELP YOUR SKIN REMEMBER ITS YOUTH. Revive your skin and give it a light touch with these yogurt-like, scoopable lotions. Infused with a fresh scent of raspberry, these age-defying facial moisturizers melt onto the skin to bring freshness and a pleasant light sensory for a brighter start to every day. The gel-cream texture with a memory shape effect is evocative of a yogurt. The bounce-back effect is obtained through a smart combination of an associative polymer, Novethix™ L-10 polymer, with the Glucamate™ SSE-20 and Glucate™ SS emulsifier pair. Schercemol™ 318 ester offers superior emolliency without oiliness. Schercemol™ NGDO ester provides light moisturization and good slip. Brighlette™ marine ingredient helps to brighten the appearance of the skin complexion, especially dark spots, and Uplevity™ peptide solution helps to combat the look of sagginess by providing a visual lifting effect.

Two variants of this formula can be obtained by simply changing one humectant to another: low levels of glycol maintain the yogurt-like scoopable rheology of Novethix™ L-10 polymer (Formula A – yogurt) while Glucam™ P-20 humectant enhances the bounce-back effect and viscosity to transform the jelly-like yogurt texture into a velouté (Formula B – velouté).



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