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Immaculate Skin Cleansing & Conditioning Potion (Formulation #O-0025[EU]) 



For a gentle cleansing and strong moisturizing experience pour this golden potion in the palm of the hand and spread it on your body. Rinse-off with warm water as the potion transforms into an immaculate whiteness and then leaves a velvet afterfeel. The Schercemol™ Esters are used for their moisturization and pigment dispersion properties. The branched structures of the Schercemol™ and Hydramol™ Esters provide an elegant skin feel that mitigates the oiliness of the sunflower seed oil. Hydramol™ PGPD Ester, a water dispersible emollient, provides cleansing properties and further aids in rhe rinse-off of this formula.



Lubrizol develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of specialty ingredients for skin care, hair care, bath &shower, surface, dish and fabric care. Their innovative technologies modify physical properties, enhance functional performance and ease of use and deliver aesthetic benefits to support key consumer product claims. They are dedicated to providing their customers with powerful, proven solutions so you can formulate with confidence™.




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