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ANGUS Chemical Company

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ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS") is a company dedicated to the development of unique molecules that help customers to achieve better products and processes performance. ANGUS is committed to continuously improve its products and services, by mastering science and technology. The company’s innovations follow its exclusive nitroalkane-based route, ensuring the production of multifunctional additives for several applications, improving the performance of its products and processes, shortening reaction stages, and lowering syntheses costs. In Latin America, our performance is outstanding in the paints and coatings, personal care, and metalworking fluids markets.
AMP ULTRA® PC 2000 ANGUS Chemical Company 安格斯化学公司 用于个人护理和化妆品产品的中和胺。
AMP-ULTRA® PC 1000 ANGUS Chemical Company 安格斯化学公司 适于个人护理和化妆品产品的中和剂。
AMP-ULTRA® PC 3000 ANGUS Chemical Company 安格斯化学公司 氨基醇。它设立了一个新的质量基准,作为首选的中和剂。
AMPD® ULTRA PC ANGUS Chemical Company 安格斯化学公司
  • INCI 名称:
    Aminomethyl Propanediol
AMPD™ ULTRA PC是专门用于个人护理行业的氨基醇。随着中间体的加强,该产品可补充现有的ANGUS伯胺缓冲剂和中和剂,满足全球的需求。该产品符合全球的法规,用于个人护理和化妆品。
AMPD™ ANGUS Chemical Company 安格斯化学公司 用于高品质、低致敏性的个人护理品配方的高效能中和剂及PH缓冲剂。
TRIS AMINO® ULTRA PC ANGUS Chemical Company 安格斯化学公司 在个人护理和化妆品中普遍使用的三乙醇胺缓冲剂。