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Humectants: Materials with Multiple Benefits

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Humectants are important multifunctional ingredients found in most skin care formulations. They are defined as materials that can absorb or retain moisture. Humectants can provide numerous benefits such moisturization, exfoliation, potentiation of preservation activity and more. Read expert author George Deckner's article to learn about moisturizing humectants, antimicrobial potentiating humectants, humectant solvents and natural based humectants.


George Deckner brings over 40 years of experience as a formulating chemist to his role as a personal care and cosmetics industry and cleaners expert at UL Prospector. He retired from Procter & Gamble in 2013, where he was a Victor Miles Research Fellow and one of the organization's top inventors, with 354 granted and filed global patents (201 U.S. patents). Currently, Deckner offers a suite of services for personal care and cosmetics industry professionals through Deckner Consulting Services.