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Microemulsions Explained


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The term “microemulsion” was first used by Schulman in 1959 to describe a multiphase system consisting of water, oil, surfactant and alcohol, which forms transparent solutions. MEs are thermodynamically stable micellar dispersions with a particle size of 10-100 nm that instantly form with simple mixing. Read this article by industry expert, George Deckner, to learn more about microemulsions, the advantages and disadvantages, recommended surfactants/solvents and marketed microemulsion systems.


George Deckner brings over 40 years of experience as a formulating chemist to his role as a personal care and cosmetics industry and cleaners expert at UL Prospector. He retired from Procter & Gamble in 2013, where he was a Victor Miles Research Fellow and one of the organization's top inventors, with 354 granted and filed global patents (201 U.S. patents). Currently, Deckner offers a suite of services for personal care and cosmetics industry professionals through Deckner Consulting Services.