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Suga®Boost 30


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Suga®Boost 030 is a naturally-derived performance surfactant suitable for hard surface cleaners and food degreasers. Cleaning performance is higher than traditional surfactants such as DDBSA, SLES, and NP-9 in removing food soils, animal grease, and protein soil and meets demands for high-performance green cleaning formulations. Suga®Boost 030 has mild characteristics in comparison to regulated surfactants such as sulfates, alcohol alkoxylates, Coco DEA, and betaines.

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Colonial Chemical products are key building-block ingredients used in a variety of household, industrial and institutional cleaners and specialized products, including: institutional cleaning systems, household, hand and machine washing detergents, spray and high pressure cleaning, agricultural emulsifiers, water treatment, transportation cleaners, dairy Cleaners, asphalt products, de-icing fluids.



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Colonial Chemical, Inc.

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