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Automatic Dish Washing Gel (Formulation #35284-29)

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Automatic Dish Detergent: Highlighting industry standards Plurafac® SLF 180 and Trilon® M liquid T – this BASF formulation utilizes strong, efficient chelation along with very low foaming, high wetting surfactant to give superior cleaning and spotless drying. The addition of our Sokalan® polymers keeps the soil in the wash and off your clean dishes.


BASF Home Care and Industrial and Institutional Ingredients is one of the leading suppliers in the Home Care, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning industry. They offer a wide range of products, such as water-soluble polymers, specialty surfactants, chelating agents, and optical effect additives. BASF has a huge portfolio of ingredients, finished products and test formulations for laundry, dishwashing, food service, kitchen hygiene, and food/beverage processing.




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