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CHS-Epoxy 572



CHS-Epoxy 572 is a clear colored low molecular weighted modified solid epoxy resin based on BPA and BPF. CHS-Epoxy 572 is primarily used for laminating, penetrants, forming applications in civil and electrical engineering, construction of insulating materials, anticorrosion paints.


Spolchemie has been manufacturing high-quality chemicals for no less than 160 years. They have developed their business in many areas including special epoxy resins and systems, commodity epoxy resins, potassium hydroxide and inorganic derivatives, alkyd resins and polyesters. Powder coatings can be found in the automotive industry and in domestic appliance surface finishes. Liquid epoxy and alkyd resins have a wide range of applications, from industrial protective surface finishes up to decorative coatings in the building industry and hobby products.




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