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Waterborne Styrene-Acrylic Emulsion (Neocryl XK-65) (Formulation #3.4.1)


Waterborne Styrene-Acrylic Emulsion (Neocryl XK-65) (Formulation #3.4.1) is guideline formulation for industrial applications. Neocryl XK-65 is a water-borne rheology controlled styrene-acrylic emulsion designed for automotive primer applications. Dynol 604 was the most effective dispersing agent in combination with SHIELDEX® AC 5 anti-corrosive pigments. A small addition of AMP 95 was beneficial for paint stability. Ser-ad FA 379 is a nitrite free flash rust inhibitor which is recommended if problems with flash rust occur.


GRACE Davison is a division of W.R. Grace & Co., a world leader in specialty chemicals, with specialization in silica and silica alumina technology. Grace Davison silica products have successfully been used for many years as performance enhancing additives for diverse Coatings applications, ranging from industrial coil and wood coatings applications to high quality architectural coatings.




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