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BECKOSOL® 10-539


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BECKOSOL® 10-539 is a high-solids, long-oil alkyd resin. This product offers good flow, leveling and exterior durability with good corrosion resistance. It can be used in 250 g/l enamels and stains, 350 g/l wood primers, in industrial maintenance coatings, in metal primers, and as a modifying resin for higher VOC enamels.


Polynt continues a legacy of more than 90 years as a leading producer of coating resins for solvent, waterborne, and powder systems. Our broad product range meets the demands of many end use applications – from architectural systems to automotive and aerospace to heavy-duty maintenance and marine. Partnering with our customers to provide environmentally friendly products that balance regulatory compliance with performance, our coatings specialists have years of experience developing and formulating solutions for your toughest binder and coating needs.



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