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3M™ Stain Resistant Additive and Sealer SRA-451

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3M™ Stain Resistant Additive and Sealer SRA-451 is an solvent-based fluorinated acrylic polymer which provides stain repellency and stain release characteristics for porous hard surfaces such as concrete, natural stone and grout. The product penetrates the substrate pores resulting in a low surface energy that makes it easier for fluids and stains to be removed. Additionally, 3M stain resistant additive and sealer SRA-451 offers durability and long-lasting performance. The substrate’s natural characteristics (color, breathability) are generally unaffected by the application of this product. 3M stain resistant additive and sealer SRA-451 is easy to incorporate into existing solvent-based products and can be added to existing formulations or diluted with solvent and used as a stand-alone sealer. It can also be used as an additive for solvent-based or 100% silicone-based sealers to boost oil repellency.


3M Advanced Materials manufactures additives and polymers used in Paint and Coatings. This company specializes in lightweight products that are weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, eliminate die buildup, and improves productivity. 3M Advanced Materials product range includes 3M™ Ceramic Microspheres W-210, 3M™ Glass Bubbles K20, 3M™ Stain Resistant Additive SRC-220, etc.



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3M Advanced Materials Division

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