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Joncryl® 504


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Joncryl® 504 is an innovative hydroxyl functional acrylic oligomer for high solids melamine baking systems. Coatings formulated with Joncryl® 504 feature a low viscosity at high solids and excellent flow and leveling with acrylic durability. In addition, Joncryl® 504 is supplied in xylene. The use of xylene as the carrier solvent allows the formulation of coatings with high resistivity for electrostatic application. Because it is supplied in xylene, Joncryl® 504 is also the most economical product from the Joncryl® 504 family of resins. This product has also shown significant utility in urethane coating applications.


BASF’s Dispersions & Resins Division in North America offers a comprehensive portfolio of resins, binders, latex, colorants, and systems to meet specific application needs for the coatings, construction, printing and packaging, plastics and paper markets. Our innovative products also help manufacturers in the adhesives, nonwovens and fiber bonding industries meet functional and performance demands. Key product areas of formulation additives, rheology modifiers, light stabilizers, and antioxidants significantly enhance the BASF product portfolio for these markets. For more information about BASF’s Dispersions & Resins Division, visit www.basf.us/dpsolutions.



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