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Evonik Operations GmbH, BL Crosslinkers

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The Evonik Crosslinkers Business Line offers a broad range of products and competences for coatings and adhesives, as well as for high-performance elastomers, civil engineering and composites. Besides products based on isophorone chemistry the portfolio contains a full toolbox of amine curing agents for ambient and heat cure applications. The products are mainly used in industrial applications due to the mechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance and excellent adhesion properties. Our experienced technical specialists have an in-depth understanding of your market requirements and are able to provide the right level of technical service and support you need.
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Sunmide® 307D-60 Curing Agent Evonik Operations GmbH, BL Crosslinkers Sunmide® 307D-60 Curing Agent is a polyamide amine in xylene and n-butanol. It displays very good thixotropic properties. It is most commonly used for fast cure and fast dry applications for industrial epoxy coatings. Request Sample