High Chlorinated Polyethylene-YURON HCPE-H (A)  新 

High Chlorinated Polyethylene-YURON HCPE-H (Adhesive Level) is an environmental protection and high-performance resin for the adhesive market. It is deeply chlorinated by PE resin through using aqueous phase chlorination technology. HCPE-H has a high molecular weight, high viscosity and strong adhesive force. It can be dissolved in toluene, xylene, and dichloroethane. This product can bind all kinds of PVC or CPE tubes, pipes, and plates, replace CPVC adhesives, bond metal materials. and can be used as an adhesive in the fiber industry.



Yuron New Material is a supplier of chlorinated products in the Adhesives and Sealants Industry. These chlorinated products include chlorinated polyolefin resin, chlorinated rubber, and high chlorinated polyethylene. Yuron New Material 裕隆 brands include YURON CR-130, YURON CR-40, YURON CR-90, as well as YURON HPE2200.



Yuron New Material 裕隆新材料

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