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Bayhydrol® A 242 

Bayhydrol® A 242 is a water-thinnable polyacrylic resin containing hydroxyl groups. It is used as a coreactant for Bayhydur® and Desmodur® polyisocyanates in the formulation of aqueous two-component polyurethane systems for various applications by brush, roller or spray. This product has a viscosity at 23°C, (D = approx. 165 s-1) of 200 ± 100, a non-volatile content (1g, 1h, 125°C) of 42 ± 2, and a pH (10% in demineralized water) value of 7.1 ± 0.7.

Bayhydrol® A 242 is a water-thinnable hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic resin with emulsifying properties. It is neutralised with ammonia. Given the special composition of this product, both hydrophilic polyisocyanates, e.g. Bayhydur® 3100, and hydrophobic grades, such as Desmodur® N 3400 and others, are suitable co-reactants. The resultant water-thinnable two-component system cures to yield a polyurethane film with good general properties, and only a small-scale polyurea reaction takes place.






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