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Bayhydrol® UV XP 2687 

Bayhydrol® UV XP 2687 is an urethane Acrylate Emulsion that is used in the formulation of waterborne UV curable coatings for wood. It is an emulsion type with high gloss and strong body. This product has a non-volatile content (1g / 1h / 125°C, convection oven) of 46.0-51.0, a viscosity at 23°C of 50-500, and a ph-value of 6.8-8.5.

Bayhydrol® UV XP 2687 is used for the formulation of waterborne UV coatings, especially for application on wood/wood materials. As the dispersion has a relatively high surface tension, the formulation should always contain a wetting agent, such as BYK® 348 (BYK), Surfinol MD 20 (Airproducts) or EFKA 3024 (BASF).Viscosity is set by the addition of polyurethane thickeners. Matting agents should be added in the form of pastes.






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