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Bayhydrol® U 241 

Bayhydrol® U 241 is a polyester polyurethane dispersion used in the formulation of stoving industrial coatings, stoving automotive primer surfaces and two-pack polyurethane primers and top coats for plastics. This product has an OH content, solvent-free of approx. 2.5, a minimum film-forming temperature MFT of approx. 0, and a mean particle size of approx. 50.

Bayhydrol® U 241 is a polyester-polyurethane dispersion neutralized with dimethyl ethanol amine which is resistant to hydrolysis. The product can be diluted with water for application and shows no dilution anomalies. Bayhydrol® U 241 can be combined with partially methylated melamine resins to formulate water-dilutable stoving coatings and primers which cure at approx. 120°C.






Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) 科思创

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