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Bayhydrol® A 2058 

Bayhydrol® A 2058 is an aqueous hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic dispersion used in the formulation of flexible two-component polyurethane top coats and primers for plastics. This product has a non-volatile content (1g / 1h / 125°C / convection oven) of 41 - 45, a pH (1:3 in demineralised water) of 7.5 - 9.5, and a viscosity at 23°C, (approx.D=82s-1) of 200 - 2,000.

Bayhydrol® A 2058 combined with Bayhydur 3100 yields high-gloss flexible top coats which are resistant to solvents. The formulation can be applied as a one-coat system on many substrates and has good adhesion and body. Two-pack primers can be formulated by combining Bayhydrol® A 2058 with Bayhydur® 3100. These are highly suitable for use on thermoplastics and thermosets and are characterised by excellent adhesion, sandability and water resistance.






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