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Bayhydrol® A 2601 

Bayhydrol® A 2601 is a water-reducible, hydroxyfunctional polyacrylate dispersion used in combination with aliphatic polyisocyanates for the formulation of waterborne two-component clearcoats and topcoats for general industrial and transportation coatings. It can also be used in combination with suitable melamine resins for the formulation of one-component coatings. This product has a viscosity at 23°C, D=approx.40s-1 of 1,500 - 3,000, a non-volatile content (1g / 1ml toluene / 1h / 125°C) of 44-47, and a pH (1:4 in demineralised water) value of 7-8.

This product can be used primarily in combination with Bayhydur® 304, XP 2487/1 and Desmodur® N 3900 for air- and oven-drying industrial coatings. The cured coating film is hard, tough but flexible and exhibits high gloss, good filling power, good weather and light stability, good resistance to solvents and gasoline and rapid drying. It is not recommended for clearcoat applications for wood.






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