Bayhydrol® A XP 2469 

Bayhydrol® A XP 2469 is an aqueous hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic dispersion that is in combination with aliphatic polyisocyanates to formulate aqueous two-component clear and top coats for general industrial finishes. This product has a hydroxyl content (calculated on solid resin) of approx. 2.5, an acid value of approx. 8, a flash point that is not flammable up to boiling point, and a density at 20°C of approx. 1.06.

Bayhydrol® A XP 2469 has good pigment wetting properties and high shear stability. Bead mills have proved suitable as grinding equipment. Only pigments and extenders with a minimum water-soluble content should be used. Given the many pigments and extenders available, compatibility testing should always be carried out.






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