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Andisil MOH 1,000 

Andisil MOH 1,000 is a clear, slightly hazy colorless monofunctional silanol polymer (1,000 cSt). It is used in the treatment of fillers and as an anti-structuring additive. Andisil MOH 1,000 can be used in high consistency silicone rubber and silicone room temperature vulcanizing formulations. This product is pure and does not contain any plasticizers or additives.




AB Specialty Silicones is a manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in silicone products and chemistry. They serve numerous industries, including adhesives and sealants, car care, chemical manufacturing, coatings, mold making, rubber manufacturing, and more. The Andisil line includes various products used as coupling agents, adhesion promoters, and crosslinking agents.


AB Specialty Silicones

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