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AC-703 Anionic Fluorocarbon Surfactant 

AC-703 Anionic Fluorocarbon Surfactant is an anionic surfactant that is primarily used as a wetting, dispersing and leveling agent in paints, inks, dyes and leather production. This product has a high temperature and alkali resistance and can be used in strong base or strong oxidant media. It is a brownish, clear liquid in appearance.




Ark (Fogang) Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of unique silicone products for various applications. With a sophisticated research and technology team, the company aims to develop expertise in silicone chemistry. The company offers a wide range of products, including vinnyl, amino, epoxy, and methacrylate silanes; fluorosurfactants, monomers, and more.


Ark (Fogang) Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd.

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