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BARECO™ C-4040 

BARECO™ C-4040 is a hard synthetic wax comprised of linear, fully saturated ethylene homopolymers. In application, BARECO C-4040 polymer exhibits low melt viscosity, heat stability and resistance to chemical attack. BARECO™ C-4040 has a melting point of 104 and a viscosity of 54. BARECO™ C-4040 is intended for use as a hold melt adhesive.


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Baker Hughes specialty polymers offer solutions for five markets: plastics additives, imaging and coatings, candles, adhesives, and personal care. The olefin-based, low-molecular weight polymers and waxes improve the performance, use, and production of our customers’ products. Baker Hughes low molecular-weight polymers and waxes dramatically improve the application and performance of hot-melt adhesive formulations.


Baker Hughes (Baker Petrolite - Coatings)

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