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Epoxy Curing Agent RD-200 

Epoxy Curing Agent RD-200 is a water-based epoxy curing agent that is a yellowish transparent liquid used to emulsify liquid epoxy resin. This product has the ability to cure at room or low-baking temperature and features water and alkali resistance. It finds application in sealers, primers, block fills, masonry coatings, and regular or low temperature bake primers and enamels.




Anshan Runde Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a supplier of curing agents used in the Adhesives & Sealants industry. Committed to high quality and affordability, this organization offers a wide range of products including TGIC and HAA curing agents for polyester powder coatings, glycoluril crosslinker TMMGU, epoxy curing agents, levelling agents, gloss agents, wrinkle catalysts, and acrylic resins.


Anshan Runde Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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