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Snowtack™ SE724G 



Snowtack™ SE724G is a solvent-free waterborne tackifier with a stabilized rosin ester component that brings superior adhesive performance to a variety of substrates. The product is free of alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) and has the ability to soften hard resins, providing a smooth peel. It also improves adhesion to high and low energy surfaces and shows compatibility with acrylic and other polymers. It has good water resistance, is mechanically stable and has applications in waterborne, pressure-sensitive adhesives in various industries.



Lawter supplies products and technical services for many specialty coating applications. The company's strength in rosin resin chemistry has made it a leading supplier to the thermoplastic road marking industry and water-borne coatings. Lawter provides specialty resins to the ink jet market, primer coatings industry other niche coating markets. Some products they supply to the paint and coating industry have applications in wood coatings, the automotive industry and paper.



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