AGITAN® 361 


Munzing Chemie

AGITAN® 361 is a liquid yellow, turbid blend of modified nonionic fatty compounds, hydrophobic silica and vegetable oils, biodegradable, non volatile. It is a highly effective defoamer for aqueous emulsion based systems and water reducible systems that is ideal for clear coats, non-pigmented and low viscous systems. It is commonly used in adhesives, and architectural, industrial and wood coatings.




Münzing Chemie is a highly regarded, privately owned specialty additive company with headquarters in Abstatt, Germany. They have a presence in over 40 countries and are a technology driven organization with an extensive staff of highly experienced R&D and technical service personnel in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Their manufacturing plants in Germany, USA and China have broad synthesis and formulation capabilities in order to best serve their global customer base. Munzing Chemie offers a variety of additives, which include d­efoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers­, wetting and leveling agents, micronized and coated waxes as well as wax dispersions and emulsions for use in the graphic art and inks industry.


Munzing Chemie

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