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Dimer Acid ZD-85


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Dimer Acid ZD-85 is a light yellow, nontoxic, transparent and viscous liquid that is insoluble in several organic solvents, and soluble in water. This product has a dimer content of 85 to 90% and is used to produce polyamide resins, polyamide hot-melt adhesives, polyesters, and corrosion resistant agents.


Fujian Zhongde Energy Co., Ltd. is a supplier of dimer and monomer acids used in the Adhesives & Sealants industry. Professional yet friendly, it strives for exceptional customer service. With a cutting-edge research and development team and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities, this company is dedicated to delivering high quality raw materials derived from natural oils and oil extracts.



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Fujian Zhongde Energy Co., Ltd.

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