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Bisomer® DALP 

Bismoer® DALP is a stable ester of high purity, capable of undergoing polymerisation at moderate temperatures to yield thermosetting or thermoplastic resins. It possesses valuable properties for adhesives, coatings, casting and potting compounds. This product has an ester of 99% min., an iodine number of 196gl^2/100g min., and a density @ 20°C of 1.115 to 1.121kg/l.

It may also be copolymerised with a variety of common monomers, or used as a “reactive diluent”. When used as a partial replacement for styrene in cross-linking polyesters, Bisomer® DALP produces materials showing up to 25% less shrinkage on cure. Bisomer® DALP may also be employed in self-priming PVC organosols for steel coating or incorporated into EPDM rubber to improve the adhesive strength.




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