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Depol NW-1640 

Depol NW-1640 is a polymer type defoamer for solvent based systems. Its main component is a polyvinyl ester copolymer. This product has no influence on inter-adhesiveness in polymers and defoams well under low temperatures. Depol NW-1640 is used in solvent and solvent-free epoxy coating systems, solvent and solvent-free urethane coating systems, and industrial baking systems.




Nae Woi Korea.,ltd, was established in 1997. They have a high reputation from paint customers in the domestic and overseas market such as Water Soluble Hybrid Nano mineral products for the flooring and roof Industries developed and produced under Nae Woi Korea. Some of these products can be used in alkyd, acrylic and polyester melamine high temperature baking systems as well as in water based acrylic emulsion systems, water soluble adhesives, and water soluble coatings.


Naewoi Korea Resins

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