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HIGREE™ C5 Petroleum Resin 

HIGREE™ C5 Petroleum Resin is a light color hydrocarbon resin that has a low molecular weight. This product is manufactured from aliphatic petroleum monomers. It is compatible with base polymers in adhesives and sealants and enhances tack and adhesion. HIGREE™ C5 Petroleum Resin is primarily used as an additive in PSA, hot melt adhesives, sealants, and thermoplastic road marking paints.




Qingdao Higree Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of hydrocarbon resins for the Paint and Coatings, Graphic Arts and Inks, and Adhesives and Sealants industries. This company utilizes its professional testing laboratory to create products that include hydrocarbon resins, thermoplastic copolymer resins, and terpene resins. These products are mainly used in hot melt adhesives, printing inks, and paints.


Qingdao Higree Chemical Co., Ltd.

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