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Polyamide Resin TK 688B 

Polyamide Resin TK 688B is a yellowish granule produced from reacted dimer acid and diamine that functions as a co-solvent polyamide resin. This product is compatible with nitrocotton, adheres to polyethylene material, and features high gloss, a low freezing point, solvent release, and folding endurance. It is water-fast, has a viscosity of 110-180 mpa.s at 25°C, and has a softening point of 120-200°C. Polyamide Resin TK 688B finds application in gravure plastics, printing inks, paper printing inks, and hot-melt adhesives.




Hangzhou Tiankai (China) Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an international supplier that manufactures inorganic and organic pigments for the Paint and Coatings and Graphics Arts and Inks industries. This company mainly produces resins, pearl pigments, fluorescent pigments, glowing pigments, organic pigments, and inorganic pigments for use in printing inks, coatings, paints, water-based inks, and more.


Hangzhou Tiankai (China) Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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