Antioxidant SN-1 


Tiarco Chemical

Antioxidant SN-1 is a highly active, non-discoloring secondary antioxidant with low volatility. It can be used with primary phenolic and amine antioxidants. Unlike other thioesters, this product may be used in both uncured and sulfur cured latex compounds, and the maximum benefits are best noticed when used in combination with a primary antioxidant in natural and synthetic polymers. It is used in light colored or black compounds such as carpet backing foams, scrim adhesives, SBR latex stabilization, rubber based adhesives, footwear compounds and mechanical goods, and more.




Tiarco Chemical is a developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the Adhesives & Sealants industry. With a focus on high performance additives for natural and synthetic latex-based applications, it offers accelerators, antioxidants, cure packages, wetting agents, and more. Tiarco strives to continually surpass expectations through superior quality, service, and support.


Tiarco Chemical

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