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Tylose® MHS 60000 YP4 

Tylose® MHS 60000 YP4 is a water-soluble, non-ionic, highly etherified methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose powder. It provides fast consistency development, very high water retention, low sag resistance, water demand, and influence on cement hydration, and high heat stability. This grade of methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MHEC) is ideal for use in emulsion tile adhesives.




SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of cellulose ethers used in the Adhesives & Sealants industry. This organization delivers a range of water-soluble cellulose ethers under the Tylose® trade name - including methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MHEC) and mortar additives - for construction applications such as cement tile adhesives, joint fillers, cement renders, and block laying adhesives.



SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG

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