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Silastic® Medical Adhesive Silicone, Type A 

Silastic® Medical Adhesive Silicone, Type A is a one-component, low slump, translucent silicone material for bonding elastomers, synthetics, and metals for part fabrication and medical devices. It is solventless and cures at room temperature upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. During the curing process, the silicone adhesive releases acetic acid vapor as a by-product. After final cure, the resulting silicone elastomer possesses the appearance, texture, and general composition of many conventional silicone elastomers.




Dow Corning offers one of the most expansive lines of silicon-based performance enhancing materials in the healthcare industry – materials that are safe and beneficial in numerous applications. Dow Corning's product offerings include an expansive selection of Adhesives, Rubber and Elastomers.


Dow Corning Healthcare

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