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Dow Corning® QP1-50 Silicone Elastomer


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Dow Corning® QP1-50 Silicone Elastomer is an uncatalyzed material designed for compounding into elastomer used for part fabrication of medical devices and device components including those intended for implantation in humans for less than 30 days and non-implant applications. Once compounded with peroxide it can be used to fabricate parts by extrusion, calendaring or molding. When compounded and cured as indicated, the resulting elastomer consists of cross-linked dimethyl and methyl-vinyl siloxane copolymers and reinforcing silica.


Dow Corning offers one of the most expansive lines of silicon-based performance enhancing materials in the healthcare industry – materials that are safe and beneficial in numerous applications. Dow Corning's product offerings include an expansive selection of Adhesives, Rubber and Elastomers.



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Dow Corning Healthcare

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