RF 61 

RF 61 is a polyamide curing agent for use with various epoxy resins. This specific curing agent is designed to add toughness and flexibility to cured epoxy resins. It has very good adhesive strength characteristics and will bond with most substrates. Different mix ratios will impart varying degrees of increasing flexibility to the cured systems. A mix with RF 61 will have at least a one hour pot life under normal conditions. Cure will take place at room temperature or, in small castings or adhesives, can be accelerated with heat.




E.V. Roberts is a full-service supplier of advanced engineered materials. We are fully AS- and ISO-certified and authorized to distribute 3M, Henkel, and Momentive adhesives and films, sealants, surface treatments, resins, curing agents and more. Resin Formulators- our custom formulation division, manufactures custom epoxy resin solutions, while our dispensing and packaging business ensures precision and efficiency.


Resin Formulators (E.V. Roberts)

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